Presentation of the bell hooks – Paulo Freire Institute

The bell hooks – Paulo Freire Institute (France) aims at developing feminist and critical pedagogies that promote social and environmental justice, while enabling spaces of dialogue and exchange concerning feminist and critical pedagogies and thought, while working on the following topics in particular:

  • To ‘make known’ within French speaking spear, through translation, distribution, publication (mostly online) and organization of venues, the productions of feminist and critical pedagogies in general, and the pedagogical oeuvres of bell hooks and Paulo Freire in particular.
  • Elaborating a critical theory in Education – based on mutual contributions of both philosophical reflections and sociological, empirical studies – adapted to the French context in ways to promote the development of social consciousness in education and formation/training.
  • The implication of participative, action-research and transformative action-research that could suggest analysis of social injustice and discrimination, but furthermore to render work, teaching and formation spaces more inclusive.
  • Developing pedagogical practices, feminist and critical dialogue among others, aiming at human rights education, as well as towards, and in relation to, civil society movements such as: popular education organizations, feminist organization, LGBTOI, environmental organizations, anti-racist organization, work-unions training/formation etc…
  • Develop a French-speaking network in contact with feminist and critical pedagogues from different linguistic and geographic areas.
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